Technology Promotion in the Application of Rice Processing Equipment Industry(2)
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At the same time, rice processing enterprises will pay more attention to the comprehensive utilization of rice resources, product development and brand awareness of quality. The rigid demand for rice worldwide and the trend of national future policy and market development will certainly bring unprecedented development opportunities to rice processing equipment manufacturing enterprises, and will promote the adjustment and upgrading of the product structure of the industry. At the same time, with the increasing demands of downstream enterprises on the quality of rice milling machinery products, they also put forward higher requirements on the quality of rice processing equipment and supporting services.

Nowadays, the competition of rice processing equipment market is mainly skill competition, and improving skill content has become the theme of rice processing equipment manufacturing industry. In rice processing equipment profession, through the selection of high-tech skills can improve output power, reduce energy consumption, increase yield and added value, adhere to the nutrients, flavor and ensure the safety of rice processing equipment. High and new skills are widely used in rice processing equipment, and new equipment and commodities with higher skill content and more humanization are continuously introduced, which greatly improves the function of rice processing equipment. Therefore, high-tech skills are the most important component of rice processing plant, which has a broad application prospects.


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