What are the advantages of corn processing equipment?
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What are the advantages of maize flour processing line that no one knows? As a pillar product of grain processing industry, maize deep processing equipment has very powerful processing function and very advanced processing technology. What are the advantages of it? What other powerful functions that no one knows? Henan Grain Institute will take you along. Let's analyze it in detail.

1. Maize processing equipment should have reasonable structure, sufficient stiffness, strong connection between components, good sealing performance and durability. The movement parameters are reasonable to ensure the sieving effect. It runs smoothly and has low noise.

2. There are many kinds of sieving classification, and the number of classification types can be flexibly adjusted according to the different raw materials, process requirements and grinding system. Corn processing equipment has enough sieving area, reasonable sieving route and sieving length, sieving flour and classifying materials according to the size, and has higher sieving efficiency.

3. Maize processing equipment can accommodate high material flow rate and smooth material flow. It is not easy to cause blockage in the range of conventional process flow fluctuation, reduce the number of screening equipment and reduce production costs.

4. Good thermal insulation, no condensation and scaling in the inner and passage of the sieve box. Screen processing accuracy is high, long-term use is not deformed, corn processing line and components closely coordinated, no powder leaking. The sieve has strong interchangeability and is easy to adjust the sieve and sieve path.


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