What is the industrial structure of corn processing machinery?
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What is the industrial structure of maize flour processing line? Maize deep processing machinery can carry out maize preliminary processing and deep processing. Processed maize products can not only meet our daily dietary needs, but also can be further processed into maize products suitable for medical, industrial, agricultural and other industries!

At the beginning of maize development, maize was mainly used for daily diet processing, and then gradually extended to intensive processing. The proportion of deep processing products was expanding, the industrial chain was prolonging, and the efficiency of resource utilization was increasing. In recent years, China's maize processing industry has achieved good results. Maize deep processing machinery has achieved remarkable results in fuel ethanol using maize as raw material, but the product structure is still in an unreasonable state, and the industrial structure of maize processing machinery needs to be adjusted.

As a big demand country for maize, with the increasingly prominent contradiction of global energy shortage, as the raw material of corn fuel ethanol project of renewable energy, maize will gradually compete with forage maize and other edible deep-processed maize to form a grain source. Maize will be used for intensive processing to produce chemical raw materials, which has typical substitution. The concept of alternative energy has become a trend of development. In addition, corn flour processing machinery manufacturers still need to increase investment to improve the comprehensive utilization capacity of corn processing with circular economy thinking

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