Rice processing equipment determines how long rice can be stored
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Rice is an indispensable food in our daily life. Everyone is accustomed to buying a bag of rice and storing it. Especially the friends who buy less household goods and inconvenience in the supermarket near home prefer to buy food at home. How can rice be stored for a long time and not be bad? The most fundamental thing is to see how the rice processing equipment processes rice and how the technology should be done well. Processed rice is easier to store!

1. Water content should be between 14-15% in paddy processing.

2. In order to preserve for a long time, the processing precision should be improved as far as possible. For example, color selection and polishing must be done (from the nutritional point of view, this is not recommended, because most of the vitamins and nutrients will be lost). The more rice bran and impurities in processed rice, the more difficult it will be to preserve.

3. Stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, unscrupulous businessmen often use rice fragrance enhancers to attract consumers, or use rice waxing to isolate air, so as to facilitate long-term storage of rice and rice renovation treatment, but also ask consumers to open their eyes carefully identify, after shelling, the rice should not be exposed to the sun, followed by ventilation conditions are very important.


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