The method of peeling and removing in the production of brown rice
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With the continuous development of the mechanical industry, the use performance of the mechanical equipment is better now, which can be seen from the daily use. Because of their use, it will also make the actual relevant operation more convenient in the implementation. In fact, there are many complete sets of rice mills, which belong to one of the types.

The complete rice processing equipment belongs to a kind of equipment type with strong integrity. The design rationality is also very strong, which can make it more convenient to use in practice. The advantages of the complete equipment of rice mill can be seen from many aspects. The use of rice mill complete sets of equipment has a strong wear resistance, but also their work efficiency is very high, their use is to replace the steps of manual operation, so it will increase the work efficiency!

It stops running automatically for a specified time. Take out the hopper first and remove the chaff. Then insert the receiving hopper, take out the thallium, turn the front handle to the right, so that the milled rice in the white room falls into the receiving hopper, turn the timing knob to position 0, press the power button to turn the sand wheel idly for a few seconds, so that all the rice grains in the white room fall, and then pull out the receiving hopper, and the milled rice can be measured after screening. When the rice mill equipment is used for a long time and the brown rice is milled with too much water, and the rice bran bonded grinding wheel affects the whiteness, the grinding wheel can be removed by the spanner, the bran powder can be removed by wire brush, and the rice bran can be reused after being installed as it is.


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