Inspection instrument is the necessary equipment for rice processing equipment
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Inspection instrument is the necessary equipment in the daily use of rice processing equipment! There will inevitably be some minor failures in the long-term use of rice processing equipment, which requires the cooperation of inspection instrument. Inspection instrument can always detect the failures of rice processing equipment and existing failures, so that we are ready to avoid and repair at all times to ensure the rice processing equipment. Prepared working time and efficiency!


The matching clearance of newly assembled parts of rice milling equipment is small, so it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of matching clearance. The lubricating oil is not easy to form a uniform oil film on the friction surface to prevent wear, thus reducing the lubrication efficiency and causing abnormal early wear of the parts. Serious cases may result in scratches or occlusions on the friction surface of precision matching, which will lead to the occurrence of faults.


Inspection instrument is an important equipment for equipment quality management and daily maintenance, which will directly affect the daily work of machinery. The corresponding positions of rice processing equipment should have corresponding work specifications, operating rules and simple troubleshooting methods. The machine can clean and prevent clogging at any time without stopping. It can ensure the normal operation of rice processing equipment and automatically clean and crush various different materials without stopping. Uniform mixing, one-time grinding without residue, no recycling grinding, can ensure the uniformity of the content of various components. Feed granularity is unlimited, without crushing can be directly into the machine, and can adapt to various moisture content of materials, without the need for drying equipment.


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